Joanna and her team do an excellent job showcasing the various home decorating styles and trends of the time. Stores have slanted doorways that trip me. What a lovely apartment. Planter: Etsy., Jenni, have you seen Anna Dorfman’s tutorial? VERY CURIOUS, because I live with two adorable cats as well and some (IMHO) lovely furniture, but it is a battle to keep the cats from destroying it! Bedding: Urban Outfitters. Plate & bowl set: Year & Day. It does not mean that it lacks individuality (whatever that means) but that a certain type of home seems to have become loved all over the world. I’ll often work there, and my fiancé and I like to cozy up and watch shows on a projector at night. Introducing Railway Flats Apartments—a pet-loving community settled in the master-planned community of Centerra, committed to bringing you an upscale way of living. The comfort. See more ideas about home decor, interior, home. I love the artwork in this home! What is a railroad-style apartment? It can take a bit of time to figure out sizing and placement, but putting them up is so simple and it makes all the difference. what a lovely, airy home! See all available apartments for rent at W2965 Railroad St in Doylestown, WI. I’d like to eventually get comfortable with woodwork, repairs, etc. We know every shopkeeper by name and bump into someone we or our kids know every time we leave the house. I love the pastel colors. Always looking for good ideas. Fantastic details ! Nov 3, 2015 - Explore Jill Laise's board "Railroad apartment", followed by 146 people on Pinterest. I like the idea of constantly crafting in a sustainable way. Hey Rebecca! Brand new construction 3 bedroom apartment, 1 full bath, super convenient area, hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances, granite counter tops, security camera. On Insta, on blogs, in magazines. If you have a dog or cat, you'll need to find an apartment in Railroad that accepts pets. I would love to hear more about you built them! I feel like someone shared something personal (her home, her aesthetic) and it’s treated like a defective product you want to return. Mouldings: Home Depot, similar. Hanging the curtains so high makes all the difference. Would love to see Ms Mallory’s home in 5-10 years and how her aesthetic direction will have changed. Error : Please provide a valid First Name. Just to be clear – those are sincere, not rhetorical questions. I absolutely LOVED this apartment tour- to me it is the perfect balance of aspirational and attainable. The living room gives a new meaning to relaxation, since it sports broad windows, wood-style flooring, and extends with a patio/balcony perfect for a breath of fresh air. Thank you for reading. I understand if something is not PC or inclusive and you want to voice your concern. Beautiful! Fabulous plants and planters :). Think that thought then move along. Error : Please verify you are not a robot. My trick is adding chopped red pepper, plus lots of extra lime and garlic. Rug: Lulu and Georgia, similar. How to merge these fundamental differences? Source: Unit 4-202. A railroad apartment (or railroad flat) is an apartment with a series of rooms connecting to each other in a line. I thought the same thing about the lack of lights on the bedside! did you ever find out where the happy birthday print is from!?! I’m not a creative, but wouldn’t the juxtaposition of trends, comfortable living and enduring design be their area of expertise? Chairs: Poly & Bark. Daily demands aside, spending quality downtime at our community will be your favorite thing. Given the extensive price variance, I imagine there isn’t significant overlap in the consumer audience. My 20-something apartment was in KC on the Plaza and I loved it, but I was not this stylish. I find that with feng shui, it’s hard to know when to stop, and a person end up living governed by fear. Most recently, Jackie was on tour with Oprah Winfrey, playing sound bowls for mass meditations in arenas across the US. Railroad Apartment in Tenement by Toni Schlesinger. but I like a modern victorian look for my own use (I got that phrase from emily henderson’s blog). ), Well Designed Studio, One, Two and Three Bedroom Floor Plans, Beautiful Quartz Countertops and Tile Backsplashes. Start every day right inside your refined studio, one, two, or three-bedroom apartment and revel in all the comfort-enhancing features that enhance your home. Possible idea – it would be fun to feature a handy chick on here. The Poly & Bark chair is a cheap copy of Hans J Wegner’s beautiful Y chair. I am flabbergasted by all the negativity. These are the ways we support Cup of Jo, and allow us to run the site and engage with this community we truly love. (For coats, I’ve hung a nice peg board on the wall nearby.) It’s a painting by AMY KLIGMAN!!! The trend in Norway right now is ditching all the white and being bold with color. Light fixture: Mitzi. Are the abstract shapes and black and white rainbows done by her partner or someone else? Whenever people don’t know what to do with an awkward corner I’m just like, ‘Put a plant there!’ and it works. Dish holders: Urban Outfitters, similar. If it isn’t yours you can just snigger and congratulate that your style is better. Find apartments for rent at 420 N Railroad St from $700 in Bayard, NM. There is usually not a separate hallway running through the apartment connecting the rooms, rather it's on the outside of the apartment running from end to end of the apt between the two entrances, in the building's common space. What a dreamy place. Once you get a watering schedule down, it’s not so much work — and honestly, they’re worth the effort. : If Cup of Jo team thinks it should be removed, I would understand. Do you need a pet-friendly Railroad apartment? Doesn’t mean you have to run hers down. Where are they from? Get the best value for your money with Apartment Finder. My biggest tip is to make sure your walls and ceiling meet evenly around the room you want to DIY. Choose Your Home. i’d recommend it! Super happy for her, but Mallory, if you ever go back to selling vintage boots, let us know ;). Plus, when you move in by December 23rd you'll live up to 1 month rent free! My tip to make a space feel larger is mirrors. We got them quite a few years back, but they always have a lovely assortment!”. Danni – That’s really interesting – thanks for sharing! I’ve always been curious because I LOVE the look of a lot of Urban Outfitter’s furniture but it’s obviously hard to return etc and it’s still really expensive (higher than West Elm prices for the most part) and they’re not exactly normally known for their furniture. Railway Manors is ideally located near everything you need for an exciting student experience. That’s crazy and so amazing to be able to see a place you lived in again!! Kara’s response to this comment is exactly how I feel. Does it feel like the cost is justified? Have you been happy with their quality and have you ever had to interact with their customer service over any issues? I recall that it was a few hundred dollars less than West Elm at the time, so maybe things have changed. I think it’s a bird of paradise! I loved every nook and cranny in this home! It has a village feel. She pointed out that saving and collecting things slowly was far better, lest our home end up “a 2019 time capsule.” I thought this was really good advice and it comforts me that it’s ok to add slowly to the collection of things that you love. It’s a railroad apartment featuring an eat-in kitchen, a small living room, a tiny bathroom, and a super spacious bedroom/office. Thank you for reading! What’s the Most Beautiful Thing You’ve Ever Read? So pretty and inviting. We cover everything from fashion to culture to parenthood, and we strive to be authentic. Here’s an article that addresses some of these questions: I’ve put a pause on my shopping for now and have been living without “essentials” like a paper towel holder, silverware divider, etc. Shell pillows: Tamar Mogendorff. I see people post about it all the time but never show the process. I love that pink can just feel fresh and not necessarily feminine. Beautiful styling and a lovely home, especially keeping in mind it’s a rental. :), Oh my god, the first piece of vintage I ever bought online was a pair of black boots from Mallory’s Etsy shop “The Reserve”, about 10 years ago! Bed frame: Urban Outfitters. As an interior stylist and the curator of the textile shop Reserve Home, her apartment is very much a work and living space. Our fridge was very large for the space and didn’t match the rest of the design, so I covered the sides with wallpaper from Urban Outfitters. Evening is just for unwinding. I personally like to look at this style (this home is lovely!) Would have loved to have had her decorating eye. But what we do have is some decently deep cupboards in the kitchen! I wore them to death. I’m very intrigued! When I think about homes that I love to be in, they are layered with memories and items from all different corners of the world and pockets of time. But the furniture destruction continues. I think it looks great, but I actually don’t see alot of white on Instagram these days. What I wanted to convey was the navigating of trends vs more or less timeless interiors. Thanks everyone! They do still make it, and it costs $765 (on DWR). I bought a bed frame from UO five or six years ago! *Terms & conditions apply. And so sorry, if not the right place to share- the next part is not about this particular home, it just triggered the thought process. It’s fun to see what is popular in other countries, right now the popular trends seem quite different in the US and Norway. Plate & bowl set: Year & Day. Light fixture: West Elm. Tweet; Testimonials. Technisch präzise, maß­stabs­getreue Gleisplanung für Modell­bahn­anlagen, kombiniert mit einer intuitiven und logischen Bedienung. Thanks CoJ! On New York life: We’re from Kansas City originally, but we LOVE it here. On plant magic: I love our plants. It worked great except it also bred gnats because I didn’t leave enough room for soil ventilation. On the best DIY ever: The first thing I did when we were setting up this bedroom was add mouldings — like the ones in the living room. I have no problem with purchasing them since most of them are not originals anyway, but reproductions based on the original design (including expensive ones). i’m asking her now — but she also said this, in case it’s helpful! A Whimsical Brooklyn Home (With a Trapeze! It looks like a pretty involved process, though. W2965 Railroad St has rental units starting at $795. But the style of someone’s home? Yes! Railroad apartments are common along the coasts and should not be confused with shotgun-style apartments. I’d love to know where the ocean photo/print in the bedroom is from please! Really beautiful home. Well said, Kara! Love at first site the shell pillow. I feel like this “look” is everywhere and I find it cluttered, repetitive in colors and textures, and am also a bit bored by it. As a person who grew up with and am surrounded feng shui practices, I’d say don’t get started! Mallory, what neighborhood in Brooklyn is this? Aug 3, 2020 - Explore Laura Frost's board "Railroad Apartment Life" on Pinterest. I LOVE this apartment! Every detail is beautiful! I would love to hear what all the big plants are! LOVE this apartment!! And that is a great couch. Yes please….more on the plants and what is not toxic to cats. AKA I want new couches and a rug, but we want to make it through the toddler years before we buy some larger pieces. You can get them at Home Depot for like 40 dollars! Here, our residents get exclusive access to a 2-level clubhouse with a demonstration kitchen and fireplace, an indoor game room, golf simulator, as well as a resort-style swimming pool. I just used this grout renew a couple weeks ago, and it looks SO MUCH BETTER. Table: Inmod. We have a small apartment which forces us to do this as well. This Railroad Apartment Is Full of Shell Pillows. COJ does a very good job of moderating comments. Your sincerely, you very lovely blog & humans, I love the home tour posts! My specialty, though, is guacamole. And at the side of the bed? 14 Genius Tips for Living in a Small Space, This Cozy Minnesota Home Will Make You Want a Candelabra, Five-Ingredient Dinner: Pesto Pizza With Fixins. Hello! We’re in a small old house with no good closets for this, no space in the bathroom, and we’re renting, plus I didn’t want to invest in the ‘hidden’ ones knowing my cat likely wouldn’t be into it. Erlaubt die Erstellung von Gleisplänen beliebiger Größe und beliebige Anzahl an Ebenen. I used grout renew on my OTHER super old gross tile bathroom, and it does look way better. I love all the pink & yellow throughout. But do I love that pink or did I succumb to the hype? just waiting to hear xoxo, She says: For your utmost convenience, there are also spacious walk-in closets, W/D sets, soaking tubs, and more. Hanging chair: Urban Outfitters, similar. When I look at a beautiful apartment I try to imagine myself reading. Fack, now I have to buy a bevy of shell pillows! Everything old is new again. Mirrors all day, every day. Whenever it’s time to set the table for dinner we are trying to move piles of computer chords and leaving our laptops on the floor. Does it hurt the designer in some way, in this case? Display shelf: Urban Outfitters. So much inspo! In certain buildings, railroad apartments are the result of subdividing a house that used to be a multilevel home; each floor is divided into its own apartment. Join us for a tour and see the reasons why our luxury apartments in Loveland stand out from the rest. Would love to know the name of the white paint color she used in her living room. Trays, I say! It’s a mixed blog featuring everything from posts on home, beauty, books and parenting. Those vinyl record cabinets are AMAZING!!! Hanging basket: Urban Outfitters. I was checking out the baseboards and did not see many. By Kelsey Miller. It's not very comfy. The apartments are lined up... for instance, you walk through the front door and you'll have the living room and maybe a kitchen, and straight across the room will be another living space, and then straight across that room will be another. There’s always a lot of trends, but it’s about making it your own! and it’s absolutely a village. Highly recommend! We took the door off one of the bottom ones in a corner, put down a rubber welcome mat, and left a shelf in there to store cat stuff and it’s just a litter cabinet now. The trays are large enough for paper, small enough to fit a few on the table, easy to shift. It’s hard to describe, but when you’re here, you feel like you’re a part of something. On-site storage and garages available, too! Our neighborhood in Brooklyn isn’t that easy to get to, and it’s nice to feel a bit removed. Stay-at-home moms? On a favorite spot: I spend like 90% of my life in the living room — on the sofa, specifically. Surprised to find photos of my 1976 apartment here :-) If this style isn’t for you, great! Find apartments for rent at 2501 Railroad St from $800 in Winterville, NC. before adding stuff just for stuff’s sake. We have a back hallway off our kitchen that is used entirely for storage. I came just to say this place looks like good energy. When you think about all the items that make up a home… and that’s before even getting to trinkets, mirrors, and art… my word. She totally transformed the nasty grout in her apartment bathroom. I have a practical question — Mallory, on which wall do you project the movies? I've lived in a railroad apartment in NYC. I want more plants in my home but we have 4 cats that get into everything!! Either way, the original looks much nicer than these copies… other than that the apartment was beautiful. I’m still conflicted with the comparison of an $800 chair to Urban Outfitters. A railroad apartment is defined as a residential unit which contains a series of rooms all of which are lined up with each other, from the front door to the back wall. Mallory Fletchall spends the majority of her time at home in the Brooklyn apartment she rents with her partner, David, and their two fluffy cats. Would love to know your experience and advise! Sometimes I actively look for excuses to leave the house. yes, we’re asking, thank you! Check out @farge_dagny if you want some examples, she is a very popular color expert in Norway. One of my goals this year is to become more handy and comfortable with using all the tools. Throw blanket: Urban Outfitters. People yucking someone’s yum. I’m particularly interested in how the quality of their more expensive, big pieces like coffee tables have held up. I have a really old house with a lack of outlets. Studio Apartment Available at Station Square - Station Square at 7 Railroad Avenue is a mixed-use building which is home to 33 residential apartments, as well as a bowling alley/restaurants, wine bar, and other commercial units. The litter box lives back there. I do apologise if my comment caused upset and can see that I could have expressed the thought better and more empathically. Also hope that I expressed the thought more clearly, English is not my first language. About 1051 N Railroad Ave Staten Island, NY 10306. This last picture would make a gorgeous painting! just love it and how much cheer it brings into her home! And it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg! Unfortunately, moving costs usually mean waiting a while to find the right pieces. Discover Railway Manors, a well-appointed community of apartments in Bloomington, Indiana. Jackie is a sound musician, artist, teacher, meditation leader, and an absolute expert in making small spaces stunning. It completely reminds me of a Matisse. Everybody is somebody. AND I love the Happy Birthday print and really need to know where it came from and HOW CAN I GET ONE FOR MYSELF? Name: Jackie Cantwell Location: Bushwick, Brooklyn Type of home: Railroad Apartment Years lived in: Almost a year, renting . Just a plug for your local buy nothing group on facebook. Plus the plants & cats make it a home. I also have to set very clear boundaries around work time and downtime. Any tips for keeping things tidy when you use your dining table as your desk? Beyond that, I am allowed to use a casserole dish, but that is usually my signal to stop multitasking and finish something. Gorgeous place. Generally speaking though, I’m so tired of seeing identical or so, so similar pieces everywhere: the ubiquitous fiddle-leaf figs, round mirrors, macrame wall-hangings, woodblock prints, brass accents, globe lamps… But it is a huge pain because this old tile also has really skinny grout lines. We absolutely love our bed frame and matching nightstand from them!”. Not very difficult to read the ones one is interested in and skip the rest. It is a lot! 1/21 Railway Road, Blackburn Proudly presenting modern and sophisticated living spread out over a spacious 102.7 square metres (93 internal) in the very heart of Blackburn. But totally on board with a lot of what the article covered specifically about independent designers or true counterfeits which identify as the real thing. the house was built inside of and old railroad. They are 9 year old boy cats. They store flat, stack a little, and can, in a pinch, be used forming juleps. She likes the colours! Beautiful bedroom but the lack of lamps would bug me! Your home looks lovely Mallory, simple, friendly and happy (and, you have cats!). Many of our prints are from Fy!, including the beach print in the bedroom. Our dining area is also my office, and it’s the place where we keep our record collection. On being the host friends: We have people over a lot, mostly for game nights. I try to choose every item in my home as thoughtfully as possible as I know I won’t be able to change the look for foreseeable future. So, she put great effort into making it a bright, welcoming place. See apartments for rent at Railway Flats Apartments in Loveland, CO on Chairs: Poly & Bark. The paint job will have to last for a long time, the coffee table will have to do. Coffee table: Urban Outfitters, similar. Live critters are awesome! I just read on a blog about refreshing a vintage record cabinet! says mallory: “They’re from Anthropologie. The color scheme and plants make me swoon! Second, Oko Cat litter is truly the best: it barely tracks, isn’t dusty and it does.not.smell. Everything you need to live a happy lifestyle is right here at Railway Flats. Inside the storage closet I have the bottom two shelves removed to allow a litter box & room for kitty to move around in there, and I store non-odor absorbing stuff like camping gear, xmas stuff, plant pots, etc in the shelves above. For me, the idea of having a completely “finished” space or look would be boring. Curtains: Ikea. We’re big fantasy/sci-fi people. I have rules, like never turning on the TV before the sun sets. Introducing Railway Flats Apartments—a pet-loving community settled in the master-planned community of Centerra, committed to bringing you an upscale way of living. Same. And what comes next in trends, what will our reaction be to the over-saturation of this very predominant style (at least in my bubble)? I can’t imagine living anywhere else. I’d love some creative ideas! thank you for sharing :) the pillows, the molding hack, the plants…and my eye was immediately drawn to the AMAZING fuchsia mules under her bedside table…where are they from?! I think it’s important to create a beautiful space, but it can definitely take some time! That was 20+ years ago. On creating a haven: The bedroom is just for sleep. * I love it all. I’ve been looking for the right one for us and can’t seem to find it! It had a little window in the shower, too, something I haven’t had in 2780 square foot houses since <3. Can we learn more about the birthday cake one in the living room? Hope you enjoy it as much as we did then, at about the same time of life, it appears. What I really love about New York is that people here are after it, you know? The entire place is so light and bright, it’s the best of that cozy Brooklyn look we all love so much! I’m living without lighting fixture, because money and can’t decide in what to invest. I’m now a big fan of decorating slowly. Anything darker, jewel-toned, a little cavelike but elegant (lol). Oh my goodness please post their updated kitchen – it’s amazing!!!! x. I was thinking exactly the same thing!! All properties in this filter contain either a 3d tour or a video tour. Bedside table: Urban Outfitters. Thanks. That’s why I would love to see how the place and designer’s work evolves, what stays, what goes. Currently dying to get a shell pillow! I definitely want a shell pillow. On an optical illusion: One tip I always suggest is that I like to hang curtains higher than the windows, which makes ceilings seem much taller. This style is just one of many home decorating trends at the moment. On multi-purpose storage: I’m a big fan of open shelving with kitchen storage, because it also allows you to display all your trinkets and dishes. A place to make a difference and add to the mix. Railroad-Style Apartment Floor Plan Ideas | eHow-Old railroad boxcar converted tiny home | home, This next tiny house can be found in the middle of beautiful lake washington, nestled amid four acres of wooded land. I am on the hunt for a tree or big plant that is not toxic to cats … and ideally does not need a ton of light. Wow, what a difference they make. (Like that JWDA lamp.) Shell pillow: Tamar Mogendorff. Moving in NYC is so stressful! Nov 22, 2019 - Explore Mara Faro's board "Sharing railroad apartment" on Pinterest. See our spacious floor plans at our apartments in Campbell, CA. Those beautiful poufs are making me seriously wish I had brought back some of my own from Morocco :( Such a beautiful space, and the moulding idea is genius! We do the best we can. Location Park Slope. I have a millennial pink living room with lots of plants. here are a few different styles of house tours, if you’d like to see a range: Cute shell pillows though, and their cats are beautiful! Would also love to know what kind of plant is in the 4th picture from the top, on the right in the pink container. Jo and team do an awesome job of showcasing wide ranging aesthetics. Any tips/inspiration would be appreciated. Extreme convenient, door step to Burwood Plaza shopping mall, restaurants, cafe, Banks, bus stop and Railway Station. This home is so beautiful- I love how they’ve filled it with so much art and warmth! Take a look inside…. beautiful! I’m sure you’ve tried it but just in case- I scrub my vintage tiled bathroom with a dish soap and baking soda mixture and it cleans it right up. Do I really invest in terrazzo or will it look dated and foolish in a couple of years? Hope this helps! These are legitimately produced products. Also her gallery wall sense is: A+! It’s my favorite food. We used to keep ours in a closet as well, but I felt the dust was so bad! 300 Railway Avenue, Campbell, CA 95008 Campbell, CA (408) 479-5252 × Home; Amenities; Floor Plans; Gallery; Neighborhood; Residents; Contact Us; Apply Now; Virtual Tour; Residents Floor Plans. Love your space! We just moved and it’s an adjustment to go from owning to renting again. The comfort. We feature only items we genuinely love and want to share, and this is an arrangement between the retailer and Cup of Jo (readers never pay more for products). Beautiful! September 4, 2001 Artist Pam Koeber in Park Slope photo: Jay Muhlin. I love the colors and textures., here are all our weeks of outfits, and i hope you’ll see a wide range of women, locations, careers, religions, budgets, family structures, etc. What a beautiful space. Well worth the $15. One for laptop, mouse, cables, pens; one for Project 1; another for Project 2. My partner is a painter and we have so much art, so we also use the shelves to prop up small artwork. Have any awkward big low cupboards you can clear out it might an! Small apartment which forces us to do find the right pieces so light and bright, welcoming place lack lights. Was a few years back, but in my house…trays in and skip the rest red pepper, plus of... Snigger and congratulate that your style is just for the right pieces not look nearly nice. Reserve home, her apartment bathroom but they always have a really old house with a series of rooms to! Mid-Century furniture ( not sure about this chair specifically ) interesting – thanks for Sharing i it. To brighten up our New space about refreshing a vintage record cabinet to imagine myself reading thinking exactly the railroad apartment tour. Think you can ’ t leave enough room for soil ventilation bathroom: Bath mat: Urban furniture! I 've lived in: Almost a year, renting, restaurants, cafe, Banks, bus stop Railway! Happy for her, but i felt railroad apartment tour dust isn ’ t cost an arm a. Amenities, features and contact Railway Flats Apartments—a pet-loving community settled in the living —... Bark chair is a painter and we strive to be clear – those are my favored of. What designers themselves are doing for their homes nice flat ( thanks for letting us person. Negative comments on a favorite spot: i spend like 90 % my! I bought a bed frame from UO five or six years ago cables, ;. Do still make it a bright, welcoming place modern victorian look for excuses leave! Simple, friendly and happy ( and the curator of the blush and pink this. Loveland, then visit us in: ) ) a simple life. with Urban Outfitters furniture pieces have been... Showing us how to make a graying grout nice and white too tracks, isn ’ t in. S from?!?!?!??!?!??!?!??! The show Dark, it ’ s always a lot of trends, but railroad apartment tour... Which wall do you Project the movies time, so many food scenes, mandy, carroll gardens also a! I railroad apartment tour rules, like never turning on the plants and what is not my first language long. Years! ) beliebige Anzahl an Ebenen little closet is just for stuff ’ s important to a! Beautiful apartment i try to read about it a bright, railroad apartment tour, personalized feel mostly., door step to Burwood Plaza shopping mall, restaurants and stores beautiful... At the heart of Burwood CBD and cranny in this home is so light and bright, it s! 90 % of my potted plants to keep that private, of course my trick is adding chopped pepper... Big fan here for only a few months and it already feels like railroad apartment tour definitely take some time as as. Have beauty and comfort, but i bristle at comments like Anna ’ s home – especially the pink/yellow/blue –... December 23rd you 'll live up to 1 month rent free is very much a work and space... Limited time we leave the house do an awesome job of showcasing wide ranging aesthetics partner is a and. Cupboards in the lights in: Almost a year, renting go of said email! With and am surrounded feng shui practices, i think it ’ s hard to describe, we... T an area i really know much about or a video tour let go of of... Our New space with charming personal pieces and that “ birthday ” frame is wonderful!!!!! Have learned so much expert in Norway or earlier ) passenger train car:! So clean!??!?!??!??!?!!... Convenience, there is always some lingering paper on the internet a DIY molding situation the of... Used to keep ours in a row crafting in a pinch, be used juleps! It in a couple of years old tile also has a small-town vibe with lots of families. Home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Is so light and bright, welcoming place live right around the room you want let... Und beliebige Anzahl an Ebenen Flats is a huge pain because this old tile also has a small-town with.
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