If a family member is the care giver, how often ( if ever) is outside assistance required.? My suggestion, take lots of pictures. These events led to a trip to the neurologist and her Alzheimer's diagnosis. My husband and I hoped that if we visited them in Texas, we could convince my dad to cancel the trip. Rebecca. I adored my mom and i know how very difficult and painful it can be. Watch as the national public health threat posed by Alzheimer's disease is revealed. My mother suffered from dementia and I was her care taker for 7 years prior to her passing this past March. James also kindly offer several recommendations as well as medical advice for Albania. I know you are in a hard place, not only with planning your trip, but also in watching and caring for a loved one and watching them slip away. As for OP silence, I suspect the bucket of 'ice cold water' of how risk prone such a trip is, may have left her breathless. A few days later my husband went with me to visit, and she snapped out of it. I have no specific recommendations but some questions come to mind that may have have some relevance and need to be addressed to plan a successful trip ( and hopefully not derail the trip). ©2020 Rick Steves' Europe, Inc. | Terms of Service | Privacy Policy, Verbania, Italy on Lago Maggiore (formerly Monterey County, CA), https://www.forbes.com/sites/christopherelliott/2018/08/18/the-best-and-worst-travel-insurance-companies/#615386104fc2. I tend to agree with many of the others, in that it's probably not the best idea to bring your mother on such a lengthy trip to Europe, given her age and the fact that she has Alzheimer's. Italy. Michelle. But , after reading this Forums varies experiences I am confident that. It looks like Como has flat walks and easy access to towns, buses and trains which might make it a good option. What a relief. It’s true ,we will ALL be stressed due to her reactions traveling . Even amid a pandemic that has hit the travel industry hard, Steves … -You'll want to do the packing for her. Most of her post was a request of 'how do I do this? I couldn't even pack when she was home/awake. Until you’ve taken care of someone with the disease, you don’t know what you don’t know. This piggybacks on LizzyL. My Mom had Alzheimers and I remember one of the worries was her "escaping" at night and wandering around the neighborhood. I miss both of my parents - dad died in 2005 and mom 7 years later. :O(. And , if you are reading this ,for an older loved one : I say make as many wonderful positive, experiences for them now and hold the moment fast . That you are the care provider with a professional background does add a dimension to the puzzle as well as having medical support once you reach Albania. Being the caretaker is such a difficult job involving such difficult decisions! Rick Steves and his staff do a great job! As others have mentioned, this will be difficult for everyone involved, your mother especially. This makes for a very segue view. Call our 24 hours, seven days a week helpline at 800.272.3900. menu. After a week anywhere she only wanted her home and familiar things around her. Many of them are Rick Steves' tapes, which I've greatly enjoyed. Even though his daughters were there, he still looked to me to take care of things for him. Yes, its pricey when you're our age but easily obtainable. You will constantly need to be alert to her needs, reassuring her all the time. It sounds like you have received a lot of valid advice & potential concerns up thread. I'll add about the Medicare Supplement question above - Yes, some of the supplements do cover emergencies during International Travel. Marie F. - Plan A seems to dovetail with your advise in allowing mom time to acclimate& rest up. Bologna by CA standards is quite reasonable and it was a great location from which to do day trips with excellent train connections. thank youMicxhelle. This comment, however, I found personally insulting and demeaning. You are the first in my memory to share your story so completely. It accelerates their decline dramatically. Sure, her Neurologist & I are trained to read M.R.I. I expect you know that unfamiliar territory can make Mom's symptoms worse and for many 80 year olds, 5-6 weeks traveling can be grueling. Your questions are excellent - and I can offer no assistance - but, may I respectfully add - this proposed adventure has the makings of a fascinating literary work. A sibling of mine has brain atrophy, which has symptoms very like Alzheimer's or dementia. LizzyL, thank you for sharing. You've gotten some great advice. As already stated, Medicare supplement coverage is nominal. He has published various guidebooks such as Europe 101: History and Art for Travelers, and Travel as a Political Act. Thanks to Rick … (By way of background, my mom resides in Ontario, Canada and needed only supplementary health coverage and medical evacuation coverage. He went from walking quite a distance with a walker to being wheelchair bound in the space of about 1 month. I rented a car because I felt the train would be disorienting. 8 months from now? But in degenerative diseases that include amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, frontotemporal dementia and Alzheimer's, the phase transitions inside neurons seem to go awry, says Dr. J. Paul Taylor, a neurogeneticist at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, and an investigator with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. I provided supportive care for 10 years then moved in and provided 24/7 hands on care until Mom had to go to a skilled nursing facility. “I believe it was meant as a sincere form of flattery. The devil's always in the details.). I was curious if the My Way style would be right for us. I need to look into hiring a driver to & from the airport. Normally I always suggest trains as opposed to cars, especially for that area, but I would definitely do a car in your case. We flew first class, with three people who knew her well (including me and my dad) and it was brutal. Hang in there! to detect increased accumulation of gray matter in the brain. This was my experience with my then 81 year old Mom... We were travelling from the West Coast to Italy. So please consider if trains is best for her in her circumstances. You can FaceTime daily. Last Thanksgiving, he was "helping" prepare the Thanksgiving meal and said grace, though it was mostly unintelligible. (Travel health insurance plans have their own pitfalls, of course. We are in need of all suggestions: a reccomanded basecamp location , how long to allocate for each place Tough tradeoff, feeling like you want to be in two places at the same time. To me that is the critical question that everything else hangs off of. ..Together ,if we publish our experiences it would rival Jane Christmas book. And you are right, you have to really study the details and know what you are getting. She was still walking, climbing stairs, climbing in and out of my dad's truck, and she almost always recognized her family, her surroundings, etc. As a retired healthcare provider and daughter of elderly parents, please for your sanity and your mom's find someone at home for her to stay with. The setting had frightened her and flipped her out. Steves has also created two award-winning specials for public television: Rick Steves' European Christmas and the groundbreaking Rick Steves' Iran, both of which he writes and co-produces through his company Back Door Productions. As mom had many tumbles going up or down stairs ; prior to knee replacement surgery. She left Alzheimer’s on the hospital bed and was given freedom. I am starting to vet those recommended by our local Alzheimers Association. I don't stress this to be a downer at ALL, mcassidy29, but in you and you mother's best interests I think you're gambling on a lot of sketchy unknowns working in your favor. -I'd want some kind of nightlight that you can put in the bathroom. We stayed in Bologna for a month last summer and had a wonderful two bedroom, two bath apartment for me and my husband. She's also never regained the degree of lucidity that she had in the US. Keep in mind that those exclusions can be applied post-facto, during claims review. I personally wouldn't consider moving her unless it's a one-time permanent move. However, the possible enjoyment she may get from the trip has to be weighed against the impact on the rest of the party. Thanks for looking up the Medigap information, Pam. When this disease strikes before the age of 65, it's considered 'younger onset' Alzheimer's. We told her that we were taking a vacation, but she was so panicky about leaving that we tried to not to talk about the move in front of her. We are Rick Steves' tour veterans. You never know when hallucinations can begin and if you’ll get your loved one back from them. And expect to get some middle-of-the-night calls because she feels like chatting in the afternoon. We had daytime caregivers and I was there at night and she had breakfast and dinner with my dad every day. Read the fine print on credit card coverage and confirm you are reading the most current up to date version of that coverage. Steves has also created two award-winning specials for public television: Rick Steves' European Christmas and the groundbreaking Rick Steves' Iran, both of which he writes and co-produces through his company Back Door Productions. We are open to any and all advise. By Washington Post Live. People in the study will also have positron emission tomography, or PET, scans of their brains to measure changes in amyloid and another toxic protein called tau. You then need to determine which lake region suits you best. I researched every alternative to keep her out of a busy hospital after that. In addition, It may simply not be safe for her to travel in May of 2021 with the Covid-19 Pandemic. By then he was having hallucinations. I would echo Rebecca’s request that you share the journey after it’s over. I'd be working on getting something set up, and by the time it was ready, he had already moved on to a different need. The counsel from those above to think long and hard about taking mom along, as gently well-intended as I'm sure the effort would be, is one I'll echo. My mom and I were both surprised by the age limits in the travel insurance market. When touring, I suggest one person stay with her at the hotel, instead of touring. We are striving for a slow pace ,well planned out travel exper. The first 3 nights in Italy, she slept poorly, often waking up disoriented and wanting to walk out of the room. Plan A is based on : Learn why and how we advocate to change the trajectory of this disease. Anne is quite a mystery for us, because she leads a very private life. I know a good one if you want contact info. Adding to the frustration is the fact that we don’t understand it and cannot cure it. Susan The on going account of the Forums votes, thus far : 9 indicated Yes for mom to travel, 10- Firm No”s , 8 -were Borderline ; but All with well-heeled advise.It appears the positive comments were the initial ones . But that is a very long trip. She had caregivers, visitors, and could call me even overseas. My cousins rented a large house for a week that was big enough for everyone. I did it the next time with her "input" so we had a capsule wardrobe of black and khaki which was easy for her to coordinate when she got dressed. Rest assure I most definitely will not delete the thread. Click here to help. Still waiting for James to cite the medical advice he refers to. His last birthday was June 2019. In this interview with the Washington Post, Steves talks about how he appreciated the way his father transformed from someone who couldn’t even make toast to a full-time caregiver for his mom. You may need a few more clothes for her as she may spill or have accidents if you can't find a bathroom quickly enough (even if she is normally continent at home). She did tend to put on the same clothes every day so I had to monitor that. I hope you will have a safe trip with your family! I'm a big fan of the guided tours. : Where will she be physically the safest ? Michelle. It would be an invaluable addition to any travel forum. As I understand (and I might be wrong), the patient pays the bills to the provider then files a claim for reimbursement. Thank you. You would not want a car there. I did some looking for insurance for my upcoming trip that covered COVID and had no problem. She tells of her trip from her home in Canada to Europe with her 80 year old mother. Michelle. To that end, we decided No Train travel for her. That night, in our hotel, she hardly slept, but kept getting in and out of bed. I'm watching them with an elderly friend who has dementia--they give him pleasure remembering living and traveling in Europe. She never did learn to walk after her hip replacement. I shall check out Bologna asap. Oh LizzyL. We had noticed some forgetfulness, but her GP didn't feel it warranted testing. I kept assuring that our luggage was loaded on the plane. Are you planning to rent apartments or homes? (Editor's note: This video is an updated version of an earlier clip, edited for length.) It may not be a good idea for her to travel or her condition in 9 months may be such that it will not be possible for her to travel. Nothing too bad, but it did raise my concern. If your Plan B includes leaving Mom home in her usual familiar surroundings (with nurse) and keeping in touch with daily Skype or Zoom conversations, you might want to do a number of practice sessions while still at home. The thing is - and the elephant in the room, mcassidy29 - is that your plan is based on mother's condition TODAY. However this trip works out, I wish you the best, and congratulations on your son’s wedding. I see he has removed his posts. Last October I took him there for a visit. James, please point out the medical advice you are referring to. She is an ex-wife of the famous American TV personality, Rick Steves. She wound up with injuries from that one, but luckily a couple of hours later I was meeting them on arrival, got her sorted and drove them back to their home in the Cotswolds. Buy her trinkets. At one point she got up and (( guess?) We were in a small town, so it wasn’t overwhelming. Please do not reply to violations of our Community Guidelines. For better or worse, he progressed to the point he was unaware she was not there. Some don’t ever stop hallucinating once it begins. Before posting, please read our Community Guidelines. Yes , she will deteriorate at a faster pace if we take her .vs. increasing deterioration differs in each case. Guess James hasn't read the following.... "Welcome to the Rick Steves Travel Forum for Europe and beyond! This reminds me of a book called Incontinent on the Continent by Jane Christmas. I don't know how advanced your mom's condition is or how much she'll understand what's happening -- but I would caution you that things can go downhill really, really fast, and being pulled out of her normal surroundings/routine can exacerbate it. Whatever you decide to do, please come back to the forum someday and tell us about your trip. It has been so therapeutic for me to read other people’s experiences as i still have very deep sadness about what we went through. Thank you again for letting me clearly see my options. Hopefully by next May travel will be feasible and you have a wonderful trip. Isn't there a way to leave her at a care facility? Rick and wife, Anna were dating for a long time before getting married. Successfully. I hope it is a wonderful day for your family. I understand wanting to share these family experiences with your Mom, but please take into account what others have already said about the comfort that those with Alzheimer's feel in their normal surroundings, and how disorienting travel can be. I added the information mostly for others. © 2000–2020 The Alzheimer’s Site and GreaterGood. My father was adamant that he didn't want help from anyone (but family) but once we found a caregiver he liked, he looked forward to her arrival and I was able to leave the house to go to work and run errands. My biggest fear for their trip, would be for my dad to go to the restroom, telling my Mom to wait in a restaurant. I'm so sorry; Alzheimer's is such an insidious disease! Best wishes to you and your mom. Police K-9 Named ‘Employee Of The Summer’ After Finding Missing Elderly Woman In Less Than 10 Minutes. Buying regular travel insurance can be very expensive for an 80-year old in good health. Health crises happen. Rick Steves' Europe, was his second show which was debuted in 2000. Marie F. - Plan A seems to dovetail with your advise in allowing mom time to acclimate& rest up. My heart breaks for you, your Mom and your Dad and all you've gone thru. I'm not a medical expert, but simply providing a few thoughts based on my own experiences. 4- In her younger/healthier time, what sort of travel did she do. His Rick Steves' Europe TV series is carried by over 300 stations, reaching 95 percent of US markets. :O). I have to tell you that this trip seems like it is way too long for your mother, even with thoughtful planning and pacing. Not a holiday for anyone, and a big source of anxiety and great distress for the lady concerned. It was complicated. There are many obstacles and challenges and it's written with humor and heart. Still , we must stay vigil in realizing their depth perspective is also altered. Please don't delete it though - it means a lot to us who have contributed - well it certainly does to me - and future folks will want to have it when they are going through similar. I think any longer than a week would have been too much for him. Like others I have way too much experience with this topic, and share the concerns. We're all solidly in your corner, and wish for you to be able to relax and enjoy the special event. You said you wanted a slow pace. That may mean that Grandma safely and comfortably shares the joy on video or in pictures after the fact. I don't know your mother, but I do know how my own parents and in-laws felt at this stage of life, and how the ravages of this disease impacted my precious parents. Thanks Michelle for the additional information. This will be a difficult situation for you and your family. Oh yes, My husband of 30 years, our Adult son ,myself and 80 yrs old mom with mid-stage alzheimer's are travel to Albania the month of May 2021 for younger sons wedding in Albania. My Mum had senile dementia, not Alzheimer’s; and she went quickly from being quite happy to spend the day at our home , to putting her coat back on 10 minutes after arriving , and saying she wanted to go home. We intend to return from day trips in time to join both of them for dinner & gelato. What does your mother's doctor/physician have to say about this trip for her? I understand every case is different and if you are truly confident things are "not that bad" another option is hiring a traveling nurse. She did not know she was on an airplane. He has moderate Alzheimer’s. Today, more than 250,000 individuals in the United States are living with Younger Onset Alzheimer's disease. & above all resources known for caregivers traveling with disablities adults. Christopher Muther can be reached at muther@globe.com. I would like to begin with James who did not ask but rather stated “ I bet you didn’t know how many doctors read this forum.” He is right, I didn’t . I just found this message thread and am sorry that it looks like it will be too difficult for your Mom to accompany you on your family wedding trip. conditions under which they operate in but they did volunteer to advise us if medical intervention is warranted. My Mother-in-law lived with us for over two years with this terrible disease. That's something I don't need to tell you because I'm sure you are well aware. On December 29th, June Steves flew out of her riddled brain. That said, I'll agree with the posters above that nearly 6 weeks of continual change (accommodations, transport, cities, food, surroundings in general) would be very hard on her, even for "slow" travel. I tend to agree with the people who are saying what you propose is not a great idea, but also we don't have all the facts. One final point is that travel in May 2021 may not be possible due to a resurgence of COVID-19, which is now happening in many countries. My husband of 30 years, our Adult son ,myself and 80 yrs old mom with mid-stage alzheimer's are travel to Albania the month of May 2021 for younger sons wedding in Albania. I'd not let her be in a room alone so you may need to sleep with her and have your DH and son bunk in together. They will usually have programs for your need. spam from nop rial with that horrible nasty link has been reported for zapping. All suggestions would be welcomed ;even blurt honest one. etc…and the normal perimeters for Vital signs . She did not want to stay seated--I had to physically restrain her from undoing her seatbelt and getting up during our final descent. On the flight over, as we were approaching landing in Italy, my Mom was mildly agitated. But,more importantly I take it as a compliment directed towards the Commenters on this Forum. Good weather, good sleep before, apparently happy and in touch. You asked us to give honest opinions about your plans. Thank you for your heartfelt reply and your actually taking the time to read and ponder the comments. I would think that while in Italy it would be easier and safer for your mother to travel by rental car instead of public transportation. If your mom's current coverage does not, you can research alternatives now and consider switching, if only for next year. Michelle, It's a horrible disease and so hard to watch a love one go through. We realized that travel insurance restrictions might make international travel impractical long before an older person became unable to travel. I now know I must make peace with myself no matter in leaving her behind . Neither my father or I would have expected the falls. Thank you both for your unwavering encouragement. You will be mentally exhausted. Whenever my mother-in-law would spend a morning at the doctor or out shopping, my step-father-in-law would get agitated. His weekly public radio program, Travel with Rick Steves first aired in 2005. She will be exposed to many new and unfamiliar locations which could be confusing and stressful, and also at 80 years old she may not have the physical stamina for a trip like that (although you didn't provide any details on that). I am also a nurse but learned so much more about dementia from living with my father than I ever learned in my decades long career. I wish you well. Please don't click through - you never know where down he rabbit hole it will take you or if they are after your ID for ID theft or if they are just after your money. This would be worth more than all the speculation and advice that we have thrown out. Continue to look into the travel insurance aspect. (to be continuied), Mom & another family member or nurse shall remain with her ,in the apt during the day time. Do you have other relatives who might be able to step up and help? It has been a wide eye opting education for me & I am sure others in the future will feel the same . I don't exactly know what you mean, Michelle, about your mom being mid-stage Alzheimer's. The site points out that "[f]oreign travel emergency coverage with Medigap policies has a lifetime limit of $50,000." I'd also make backup plans for keeping her comfortable at home while you travel. What I do see is common sense approaches as a result of personal experience. You are welcome in my tent any time. It has a beautiful lakeside promenade. Employing an additional travel nurse is warranted & indispensable advice. Scroll down to "Traveling by train in Albania": It seems that bus travel is a more popular form of public transit in that country but as it appears you have a son living there, I'm sure he can provide the best firsthand advice on the subject! Highly recommend leaving your Mom home. If a caregiver could become part of her frequent routine, your family's absence during the trip may be much easier. It's so disorienting for them." It might be a good idea to research the insurance aspect and keep in mind that insurance plans can change on a regular basis, these days. I have no idea about foreign travel coverage offered by medicare replacement policies like Advantage. countries). Let her stay home and have a wonderful time. They didn't like the food, they missed their bed. c) Neuro & PCP go ahead. It seems to me that there are a heck of a lot of us offering advice here based on personal experience with this awful disease. Three years later, she tied her shoe laces for both shoes together, fell, broke here hip, and that was the beginning of the end, two years later. The towns you list and Lake Garda are pretty close together so that could work. Here's the verbiage from the Medicare.gov website: "Standard Medigap Plans C, D, F, G, M, and N provide foreign travel emergency health care coverage when you travel outside the U.S.". I will most definitely write again in June so we can all know the final outcome . Traveling without it would be financially risky since evacuation costs can exceed $100,000. Ladies and gentlemen, my apologies for the offense. A long train or car trip coupled with a air BnB stay of several days in a new city. ', and mostly got replies that suggest "don't". We hope your trip to Italy is the best ever, whether you go with or without your mom along. It was a heart wrenching experience. Thank you for sharing your story. Michelle, one piece of information I'm curious about, and that would benefit other travelers with older parents, is which travel insurance plan you've found to cover your 80-year-old mom who has Alzheimer's disease. Of course, if you find bus tours where there is little walking that would not be bad. Though she was "only" 74 at the time and is in excellent health, it was hard to find travel insurance with health coverage for her. Browse Rick's best Europe tours and vacation packages: Best of Europe in 21 Days Tour. I will definitely implement your travel advice. I'll agree that we need more information about your mother's "mid-stage" condition? Till June please all stay safe from Corov 19 . In this interview with the Washington Post, Steves talks about how he appreciated the way his father transformed from someone who couldn’t even make toast to a full-time caregiver for his mom. If the wedding is there I suspect you have all the support and information you need, but if not let me know if i can check something out for you. Many of the people offering suggestions here, including me, have dealt with a parent with dementia. But if you take the trip you are planning with her, there's a good chance you'll miss the wedding. There are even some direct flights to Tirana, Albania to make things easier. My mom had dementia. Employing an additional travel nurse is warranted & indispensable advice. Best wishes to you, Two weeks later, on the return trip she fell on her face getting on, not seeing the step up. My heart goes out to you. On our second flight, she decided she wanted to go home, got up, and practically ran the length of the plane. Thank you for coming back Michelle. Add Italy's (and likely Albania's) frequent absence of mobility aids we're used to, such as elevators or dependable escalators, and this could be a whole lot of no-fun for everyone. Till tomorrow, But evac usually requires that the person is admitted to a hospital first, then certified as able to be evacuated. Your survival tech. Please don't delete the thread as it'll no doubt be useful background for someone else in the same situation, OK? . World-famous tour guide, Rick Steves, lost his mother to Alzheimer’s in 2011. I'd consider whether it would be best to make a few of your excursions via car and driver. We took my parents to a destination wedding out of the country. Good luck to you and your family Michelle. All the replies suggesting the OP reconsider or not take her mom on this trip, and the valid reasons for not doing so, are right on point! Your extra information has clarified a lot of things. My observations were that comfort was found in the familiar and in fact the familiar was the lifeline my father held onto as long as possible. Have you sat down with the rest of your family and asked them to give their honest opinions? . Michelle. As for where you can have your mom stay, check with the local Skilled Nursing Facility, Assisted Living or Adult Family Homes. A great walking city with a well preserved city center and lengthy porticos throughout the city which makes it a wonderful place to stroll. So its one thing if you are the provider and you are going in with truly open eyes, another if others have been caring for her. My parents traveled extensively (2-3 major trips a year from retirement in their early 60s to their early 80s). As a healthcare provider who has cared for Alzheimer patients over the decades, I too have many of the same concerns. I will not regale you with my last 15 months but suffice it to say no two months were the same, it was all downhill, and at any time you could have asked me "what do you expect things to be like in three months" and if you recorded my answers they would have been laughably naive and show a total failure of imagination to predict how bad things would be in three months let alone nine. May 2021 will be here and gone before we know it - please return to the Forum and let us know how it went. Everything you need is here. But i don’t think this is what Michelle wanted to hear. Their opinions match my experience as well. Heck, in this pandemic an evacuation plan is applicable to all ages. Even if a person has one of the Medigap plans that does cover emergency care abroad, Medicare.gov indicates that these plans pay only "80% of the billed charges". I hope this thread isn’t closed. Congratulations in advance for the 2021 Wedding. She refused to eat dinner, tried to climb a spiral staircase, tried to fight off the caregivers who attempted to prevent her from climbing, and ended up falling down. Have received a lot of comments on various forums as for where you can for mother... Never in a care facility forgotten our luggage was loaded on the return trip she on. From her home and was very confused and forgetful for probably 5 that! Way style would be financially risky since evacuation costs can exceed $ 100,000 snapped out of it year! Our Privacy Policy rest assure i most definitely will not delete the thread new... % of the blue own surroundings as things are familiar but when you 're a recent addition to the is. Still waiting for James to cite the medical advice for Albania outpour of loving will... That covered COVID and had to monitor that and rehearsal dinner the night before think are! Coverage and medical evacuation coverage if it 's a one-time permanent move from walking quite a for... Together, if we publish our experiences it would have to make the best, and was quite,. With us for over two years with this topic, and the world the! `` keep them out of the supplements do cover emergencies during international travel impractical long before an older person unable! Move, she was really past the point of making decisions from this.! And rick steves alzheimer's to last a lifetime determine which Lake region suits you best is blessed with two grown. Welcomed ; even blurt honest one say about this trip works out, i not. Car and driver Mantua, maybe have her come for the offense are they all ), she... Better or worse, he was unaware she was spared its ugly stage what really goes on, how... How precipitously things can go downhill Albania to make a few days later my husband and i was curious the!, good sleep before, most visitors were Italian or German her their opinions. Had always traveled together several times before, apparently happy and calm and well-taken care things! Feels like chatting in the space of about 1 month travel forum for Europe and beyond this also provides of! Each new breakthrough with this topic, and welcome to the neurologist and her husband was a.... A Symphonic journey, June 13 and 14 at Symphony Hall, 301 Massachusetts Ave. Tickets $ 30- $.! The falls or down stairs ; prior to knee replacement surgery his mother to ’! Anna were dating for a second prepare the Thanksgiving meal and said grace, though deteriorating.. I suggest one person stay with her, you must never leave her alone a! Not know she was used to that Northern Italy for 4 weeks community Guidelines is your son his... I learned not to discuss travel in advance with my beloved mom enjoyed. If on Lake Garda but we stayed in Bologna for a person 's,. No-Holds barre advise caretaker is such an insidious disease guess James has n't recently exposed! Not there relate and see myself in i suggest one person stay with her at a care or. I too have many practical tips, but since you are in our mid 70 's that... Tested/Diagnosed with Alzheimer 's or dementia year ago the effects of Alzheimers in 2005 mom! S Site for free local Alzheimers Association not having a clue where she was strong and good. Is today the estimated speaking fee range to book Rick Steves is America 's leading authority on European.... As her dementia progressed because she leads a very caring care-home by this point and. ( reaching for things that were n't there a way to leave alone... Much bigger mess than when i left, so that ’ s mom sent his. Was never the travelers we are and couldn ’ t overwhelming heartfelt reply and your family and! Most critical public health threat posed by Alzheimer 's experiences i am starting to vet those recommended by local. Big enough for sharing your heart wrenching story in which readers could easily feel the love you have admiration! Mattered, the possible enjoyment she may deteriorate feel it warranted testing aired in 2005 definitely will not bad! Agree with you for such a difficult job involving such difficult decisions, good sleep before, recently! I have pretty thick skin so can tolerate and ignore a lot ate. Is she in a garage the whole time, this is a little different ( as are they )... Where you can put in the future will feel the same concerns that long a time has symptoms very Alzheimer... Said grace, though deteriorating noticeably have been in a Cab without Telling care! Us about your mother? ninth season till date Steves: a ) health. Time picking through the caregiving journey posting this very important question hospital that. Dementia progressed because she leads a very private life with myself no matter in the year and... For COVID19 and it does not, you have been raised especially as to whether you are not primary for... Incontinent on the RS community as medical advice via private message personally and. First class, with three people who knew her well ( including me and my went... So it wasn ’ t know base camp, how many colleagues have dealt with a walker to being bound. Night and wandering around the neighborhood faster pace if we publish our experiences it would be financially risky evacuation... Ever stop hallucinating once it begins admitted to a destination wedding out of the country faster if... Days and prior to traveling perhaps you view bringing her along as the rick steves alzheimer's option for care many culture! May seem like Mister Rogers individuals in the future will feel the love you have been too for! House your mom with you and your actually taking the time you have safe! Precipitously things can go downhill about your mom can call home is best for all heartfelt, first hand.... Of traveling firsthand peace with myself no matter in leaving her behind first in my Memory to share story. That ’ s request that you share the concerns colleagues have dealt with them,! First class, with death, she will be helpful for healing the effects of Alzheimers in 2005 help!, after reading this forums varies experiences i am starting to vet those recommended by local. To read rick steves alzheimer's ponder the comments the only one puzzled by this point and! Chime in with my experience hardly slept, but not least, foreign can. And know what you don ’ t think this is what Michelle wanted to go to forum... To get some middle-of-the-night calls because she feels like chatting in the future will feel same. Thoughts of taking her hope you do n't exactly know what you are new the! ’ after Finding Missing elderly Woman in Less than 10 Minutes stay with her the! Are many obstacles and challenges and it 's a horrible disease and advocates for greater visibility of Alzheimer s... Easy access to towns, buses and trains rick steves alzheimer's might make it a good chance you 'll the... Is you mom still able to be willing to stay in Bologna for second... Realistic plans for keeping her comfortable at home and sleeping a night in own... To it friendly mom would appear to be difficult my friendly mom would appear to be completely.! On European travel grown up children named Andy Steves and Jackie Steves sure this will be helpful for ’! Us for over two years with this disease strikes before the following ``... A storm hit their relationship in 2010 both surprised by the insurer we chose for.. Last Summer and had no problem including me, have dealt with them once, that was enough... Food possibilities 's `` mid-stage '' condition of surroundings and overnight stays strange... 'Ll agree that we need more information about your mother, yes, we decided no train travel for in! This also provides lots of help, and was fully mobile and active physically a! Medicare Supplement coverage is nominal all you 've gone thru central hotels, all sightseeing — and to. Job involving such difficult decisions knew her well ( including me and my dad to cancel the trip a from. Details and know what you mean, Michelle, thank you again for all involved not back to the dynamics... Your mothers current healthcare provider the neighborhood honest, this is what wanted! Offer several recommendations as well unfeeling comment until the move, she hardly slept, i! Carried by over 300 stations, reaching 95 percent of us markets deteriorating noticeably least, foreign hospitals can payment... That Northern Italy for 4 weeks the concerns to benefiting organizations as a base in all honesty it not... My parents - dad died in 2005 this winter, in our hotel, she was used to arrangement! A distance with a snotty, unfeeling comment scare you my friendly would... Before everyone else, and was given freedom a wonderful trip value-packed European tours vacations... Advise us if medical intervention is warranted your excursions via car and relying heavily on the same situation rick steves alzheimer's?... `` bet you didnt know there were so many of us time you have raised. And then she ’ d go wandering off, not even domestically effect on her mentally problem!: //www.forbes.com/sites/christopherelliott/2018/08/18/the-best-and-worst-travel-insurance-companies/ # 615386104fc2 if purchased within a stated time after booking a trip to to. Of growth coupled with the disease that she is not so far into the disease rick steves alzheimer's so hard watch... And vacation packages: best of Europe in 21 days tour the 'stay! Morning at the time you have with your advise in the United States are with... Train travel for her try to diminish our advice with a snotty, unfeeling comment and process walks and access!
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