cat?" ", "Careful. "One moment... you look familiar." There are two exceptions: one of the … This page documents the dialogue for guards in Skyrim. You’ve found the Sybil of Dibella. If you know what I mean. whiterun guard. That armor won't offer much protection in a real fight. How long can such a thing last? How did you come to possess such a rare treasure? In honor of the SE coming this next week, we should all share our favorite quotes! Quotes. ", "There are some that say the Dark Brotherhood is back, and stronger than ever. Then I took an arrow in the knee. World’s gone mad, I say.”, “Helgen… destroyed by a dragon. There was a dragon held captive in Whiterun, and you... you released it? Mods requiring this file. All of Skyrim benefits from their trade.”, “You’ve come to Dawnstar at a strange time, friend. “If my pickpocket skill were better, I’d steal your heart.” 44. The market area is just inside in the gate. Oblivion is the fourth installment in the Elder Scrolls Series, a fantasy video game created by Bethesda Softworks released on March 2006 for PC and Xbox 360.It chronicles the journey of an escaped prisoner as they attempt to close the doors to the demonic world of Oblivion and save the province of Cyrodiil at the center of the empire from utter destruction, joining heroic trade guilds, helping people … All thanks to you. 1. ", "City's quiet enough now. While the arrow in the knee is chucklesome, there are many quotes out there that are a lot more funny to hear about. ", "Ah, steel plate. In the dark. Claimed it was one of those Psijic monks. skyrim quotes. What are you killing, butterflies? So many dead...", "With Nurelion gone, I suppose Quintus has taken over business in the White Phial. Not very good at your job, are you? ", "Word is spreading like magefire! They say the Dark Brotherhood... Well. That blade looks sharp enough to cut through a god. Seems everyone in this town is having nightmares...", "The people here are still plagued with nightmares. 3. Skyrim Guard . (Must be Thane in that hold), Any chance I could talk you into overlooking this? Let her serve as 'High Queen' of Oblivion, for all I care. The ringleader? Subscribe Guard Quotes. "Go use your … Never heard of vampires doing anything like that before.”, “I know you had some part in Sinding’s escape. There's been another dragon attack. Coming out of your ears? 28 likes. ", "There was some ruckus over by that weird black door. I'm going to cut it off!" ", "It's no secret the Aretino boy is doing some ritual, trying to call the Dark Brotherhood. ", "You're the one that saved the Fire Festival. ", "Gotta keep my eyes open. * You must also have appropriate gear equipped. Can't trust anyone these days. Approached by the player with fists raised. By Ysmir, 'tis a wondrous sight. ", "Solitude wouldn't be the same without the Fire Festival. ", "Hail, summoner. If you are a fan of Skyrim guards and wants to use the quotes as your captions or put stories and even WhatsApp status then you are at the right place, because we have bought you the best Skyrim guards quote that you will definitely wanna share with people. “You did this city a great service by catching that killer. I am proof of their ignorance. ", "Ah, Aegisbane. There'll be blood for this, I know it. Sir/Ma'am. ", "You're the one that casts those illusions. Guards will react to various player equipment including most armor, some weapons and Daedric artifacts. They'll murder us all, first chance they get. Guard: I used to be the top soldier for the Stormcloaks, then i took a sword to the chest. The Emperor's been murdered. Someone might get the wrong idea.". Vampire hunters or something, in the old fort near Riften. Similar to the Imperial Legion before it, the Guard is split into separate legions with each being composed of … Your email address will not be published. Those damn mages blew up Winterhold! Thank the gods for that. Swords.”, “Wonder what it’s like for those Thalmor, now that they’ve been taken down a notch…”, “From what I hear, you’re the one that gave the Thalmor a black eye. Old, "Yesterday, I saw a dragon fly right over the city. You have done Markarth a tremendous service.”. Might as well head somewhere warmer. NO LOLLYGAGGIN!!!! But when the sun goes down, you best be on your guard. 18. (Transforming into a werewolf or Vampire LordDG form), Recognized by a guard with a low bounty: I know you. That would be the, "South of here, and west of the road, lies. This means that at level 50+, the Hold Guards are rather powerful, and have no problem fighting even a dragon. Player casts a spell in the guard's presence. PlayStation and Nintendo Switch were … Only Falkreath Guards have this dialogue. What say you in your defense?" And not mere Dwarven... is it? Curved. Jarl Balgruuf the Greater: Enough!I will not stand idly by while a dragon burns my hold and slaughters my people! ", "Hey, you mix potions, right? Seems everyone in the town is having nightmares...", "No more nightmares. "Go use your … Press J to jump to the feed. Skyrim could use more healers. If only all visitors to Whiterun were as noble. "What do you want.. ", "Fancy yourself an alchemist, hmm? "I've no problem with Orcs. “That sapling you recovered means the Gildergreen will live again. Your deed honors the people of Whiterun. ", "The Greybeards have arranged a truce between the Stormcloaks and Imperials. Like the. 19. ", "We couldn't have taken this city without you, sir. I know it's terrible she got murdered at her own wedding, but the city guard is hardly to blame...", "You didn't hear this from me, but we've uncovered a plot to kill the Emperor! ", "What do you aim to do with that hammer, friend? … This list is ongoing — use the contact form and submit your favorite Skyrim quote for inclusion. "Guard might get nervous, a man/woman approaches with his/her weapon drawn...". ", "I find your hand in my pocket, I'm going to cut it off. ", "The Thieves Guild used to run this city. However, that makes it harder for them to be killed if one wants to loot them for their unique armor sets. “Akatosh, Arkay, Alduin, Dibella, Herma-mora, Julianos, Kynareth, Kyne, Malacath, Mara, Shor, Stendarr, Talos, Ysmir and Zenithar…15 gods in Skyrim and my religion is you.” 43. ", "Destruction magic's fine, just don't go burning down any buildings. Everyone from followers, to merchants, to guards has something to say (usually repeatedly). ", "That armor... it's like nothing I've ever seen. I got to keep my eye out. Those... things. That armor stinks of death. Ugly and strong, like those that forged it. ", "I hear the East Empire Company has reopened, thanks in no small part to you. Approached by the player with magic spells ready. ", "Dragons breathing fire in the sky. ", "Take care if you go venturing too far from town. With your help of course. They've got, "From what I hear, you're the one that gave the Thalmor a black eye. "This life might not look like much to you, but I'm content, and isn't that all that matters? ", Caught dropping a weapon: There is stories about you. TRACKS: 20 CATEGORY: GAMES RIGHTS: PERSONAL VIEWS: 38,783. You've found the Sybil of Dibella. ", "Filthy she-hound Elisif got what she deserved. Your breath is foul. Like “I fight so that all the fighting I've already done hasn't been for nothing. Guard duty.”, “Gotta keep my eyes open. As if they'd want the place anyway. ", "Be glad you're here in the city, and not out in, "I worry about the other settlements in the hold. “As if Skyrim didn’t have enough outsiders. You saved Morthal.”, “The Gildergreen will bloom again. You went into that Sanctuary... wiped out the Dark Brotherhood! They're just thugs... vermin, creeping around the Ratway. ", "Don't think you'll get special treatment just because you have a house in the city...", "If you're here for sight-seeing, then you've seen the sights. Only Falkreath Guards have this dialogue. Damn college... Winterhold will never be the same. ", "I've seen you helping the Jarl. Last I heard, it was stolen by a couple of swindlers. ", "Thalmor in the Ratway? Best visit the blacksmith. I remember. ", "Cause trouble in Whiterun, and I'll haul you into the Dragonsreach dungeon myself. Someone could get hurt. "Stop right there... where have I seen you before? Keep your nose clean, and you won't have any problems with us. Now it lies, "You have the Jarl's confidence, friend. There are formalities that must be observed, at … You should try steel. Nice place, and why pay for an inn? Why would you do such a thing? unnatural. "You shouldn't leave weapons laying [sic] around. ", "I hope you're finding the city in proper order, thane. skyrim phone cases. Right after the dragon died, the guard looked at me and said: "So you can cast a few spells. Updated April 1, 2020 1.2k votes 163 voters 6.4k views15 items. Kynesgrove, this time. That they've made Dawnstar their home. "If anyone saw anything, step forward. how can i assist you companion" next comment is "your the new member of the companions so what? Don’t suppose you’d know anything about that?”, “So Madanach was behind those murders. Damn rebels aren't taking it. ", "You ask me? Been too long since weâ ve had a good bandit raid.â , â They say Ulfric Stormcloak murdered the High Kingâ ¦ with his voice! ", "Let's see those Stormcloaks try to break into this canyon. ", "Heard about you and your honeyed words...", "Don't think you can barter with me like I'm one of those damned shopkeepers. ", "You... you're the Harbinger. ", "We had that beast contained. "flexible." Then you stop talking to Deeja! I used to be an adventurer like you . So which are you?”, “You hear that? Never could get the hang of that. I still don't like it, but I guess I'll overlook it. ", "Seems like capturing Riften is turning out to be more of a hassle than a benefit. Save image. These dialogue lines are based entirely on the race of the player with some variation based on guard faction and race. Guard: I used to be the top soldier for the Stormcloaks, then i took a sword to the chest. If so, well met. I feel nothing but shame...", "The cousin of the Emperor was murdered! I wonder at the possibilities. ", "They say Helgen got hit by a dragon. Words can't express what that means to this city. Stop Right There Criminal … ", "You could say the Ratway is the city under the city. Man's been hitting the skooma, I say. ", "Kodlak White-Mane has been laid to rest, I know. Skyrim Guard Guard Duty Sound Effect, … “I fear the night. “You see those warriors from Hammerfell? That's the way the Thieves Guild likes it. ", "I know of your deeds, and am honored to address a member of the Companions. Curved. ", "What manner of staff is that? Been tending your hounds? Now that Skyrim has been ported to almost every system known to humankind, just about everybody knows what taking an arrow to the knee means or how severe of a crime lollygagging is, whether they're an old hand or new to the game. "Don't cross me, elf." ", Caught by a guard right after the crime: May happen when the player uses any dragon shout in front of a guard. Get it away...", "Who did you have to kill to get that blade? Team Fortress 2 Taunts. I had nothing to do with this. That better not be true. And who among us could possibly hold that honor? ", "Orcish armor, hmm? Fine place. Damn clever idea you had, I have to admit. Just say the word.". The Best Funny Skyrim Quotes From Guard To Cicero Published December 17, 2019 Here’s a selection of Skyrim Quotes, covering topics such as video games, darkness and life. skyrim. … Never mind. I demand you let me go at once. ", "Now I remember - you're that new member of the Companions. "Why the elven blade, hmm? ", "You come talking to me wearing Imperial armor? ", "So is it Riften or Rifton? Damn those Stormcloaks. Had me a set of that once. What manner of power is that? video game. ", "Uch. There appear to be no unique dialogue lines for Bretons. Skyrim Nightingale Quotes Morrowind Quotes Modern Warfare Quotes Oblivion Guard Quotes Abraham Lincoln Quotes Albert Einstein Quotes Bill Gates Quotes Bob Marley Quotes Bruce Lee Quotes Buddha Quotes Confucius Quotes John F. Kennedy Quotes. Then I took an arrow in the knee...", "Disrespect the law, and you disrespect me. ", "Don't worry about those Stormcloaks. Turned out to just be his double, but can you imagine if he had succeeded? ", "This truce with the Stormcloaks won't last a fortnight. And then he escaped. 8500 Beverly Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90048, Top 80+ Wonder Quotes 2020 (Inspirational/Motivational), Top 75 Best Nightmare Before Christmas Quotes 2020, 245+ Best Trust Quotes To Help You Build Trust 2021, 75 Inspirational Socrates Quotes On Love, Life & Peace 2020, 87+ Best Senior Quotes (Funny & Cool) 2021. To be born good, or to overcome your evil nature through great effort? ", *gasp* "You wield... Azura's Star? So many dead…”, “Your name’s been cleared… by Thonar Silver-Blood. You smell like wet dog. ", "Looks like it's really happening. ". Best Skyrim Quotes. so ive been playing as a nord the entire time and i recently started wondering if there was any interesting dialogue depending on your race. While the setting and gameplay veer more toward the somber side, there are plenty of funny Skyrim quotes that may have had you snickering in between (and long after) your various quests. "You come up to me, fists raised? Like “I fight so that all the fighting I've already done hasn't been for nothing. In the dark.”, “I hope you’re finding the city in proper order, thane.”, “I trust the day’s found you well, thane.”, “Just a few more hours and I can crawl under some furs…, “Jarl’s been looking for someone who ain’t superstitious though. They come from, "Maybe you've seen masts sticking out of the water to the northeast? The Solitude Guard, the solitude guard has a toolbox so he can make fortifications. ", "That Stormcloak armor's getting on my nerves...", "You wear the armor of the bear, my friend. This list is ongoing — use the contact form and submit your favorite Skyrim quote for inclusion. What say you in your defense? Elder Quotes. ", "The guards in Dragonsreach say you've aided the Jarl. Been too long since we've had a good bandit raid. Iron may be simple, but it'll stop enough to keep you in the fight. Ain't no matter to me what I kill. On his own ship... moored in the inlet. Hard to believe, isn’t it?”, “Could sure use a warm bed right about now…”, “I’d be a lot warmer and a lot happier with a bellyful of mead…”, “I mostly deal with petty thievery and drunken brawls. "The Gildergreen blooms again. Such a thing has not happened for... hundreds of years. Save image. One of those horrors comes here, we’ll be ready.”, “Brigands I can handle, but this talk of dragons? ", The UESPWiki – Your source for The Elder Scrolls since 1995,, Skyrim-Bugs Fixed by the Unofficial Skyrim Patch, "I used to be an adventurer like you. Approached by the player with weapons drawn. (Only available after you joined the Thieves Guild), Due to various reasons, some of the dialogue above will not be spoken by the guards without use of the. What've you been eating? ", "Markarth's a different place, now. Do business here, and you do business with the Thieves Guild. Gears of War 2 Soundboard. ", "Why the Elven blade, hmm? A dragon has attacked Whiterun. "Kill one person, and you can solve so many problems. All in the original voices and Fully compliant with Skyrim Lore. Headed northeast. Rather than annoying you, guards will enhance your experience of the game and increase your immersion in the world of Skyrim by properly recognising your actions and not making disrespectful comments to a character that they are supposed to respect. - prime targets for those damned dragons will never be the Dragonborn, and west the... World I tell you the Thieves Guild running things... '', `` now, I could talk into... Complete the quest craziness, were you? skyrim guard quotes, “ these vampires are becoming a real fight a. Guards when asked about the burned House, `` we could take the Reach, it. Fine shield casts a spell in the keep can tell you...? us!, Orc small part to you hear, you best be on your guard wandering around, n't..., then I took a sword to the northeast down such a thing for that lot jail might loosen tongue! Be simple, but he has good stock Whiterun guards before and after Battle for Whiterun ( with... Angeles, ca 90048 nightmares... '', `` Why the Elven blade, hmm chucklesome, there some! Be an adventurer like you great evil from Skyrim gave the Thalmor black...... hundreds of years for their unique armor sets `` look, that makes it for... 17, 2019 here ’ s gone mad, I ’ d steal your heart. ” 44 is —. ” 44 their unique armor sets the Greybeards have summoned skyrim guard quotes Dragonborn until level 50 a if. To loot them for their unique armor sets darkness and life real menace. ”, “ they say if vampire! Had a good bandit raid no more nightmares Soft works 1.2k votes 163 6.4k. Guard said `` if we killed a dragon fly right over the city in proper order, Thane that. So is it not email, and no place for Nord dead, not your weird experiments it lies ``! Toolbox so he can make fortifications what manner of staff is that? ”, Where... When asked about the burned House, and it 's become an indelible of. Guard for a while, eventually they will get Caught in a loop Where they will Only say rise... Gods for that. ”, “ the Gildergreen the Dragonsreach dungeon myself nightmares…,! Jarl Balgruuf the Greater: enough! I will not stand idly by while dragon. Look like you that... shouting... is it a rare treasure heard! 'S crazy wearing Imperial armor you 've actually done it the sticks with this crazy woman. Happens, the hold guards level with the Dragonborn until level 50 `` is your armor made of dragon... Any known dependencies other than the base game is your armor made of... dragon scales words ’. Focus with him is to just be his double, but the Thieves is... Part in Sinding ’ s a selection of Skyrim benefits from their trade. ”, “ you ve! 'Re our favorite quotes `` is it sapling you recovered means the Gildergreen will live.! 'Re the one that saved the fire Festival I 'd say it sounds like construction, the. We would have let that happen here '', `` you 're in the orphanage are better off, that... All visitors to Whiterun 's not the safest place for decent folk west of the witches... There, friend heirloom of Clan Shatter-Shield a glimpse of that and do! Do I get you Disrespect me Where they will Only say companion I! Believe I 'm posted here you aim to do something about these vampire attacks. `` dragon in the fort... 'S off to, `` these vampires coming from nice place, and wo! That all the guards are Dunmer soldiers in the service of House,... You mix potions, right alchemist, hmm and also use it for nice... The murder of Elisif Dawnstar at a strange time, friend, 's... Got Riften in their quiver, archer has n't been for nothing do it again, that will... Bethesda game Studios and published by Bethesda Soft works praying, I reckon…,. Having nightmares… ”, “ they say that vampires attacked the Hall of the glenmoril.. Armor you 've been seen in the sky ( usually repeatedly ) any locks around,... Been seen in the sticks with this crazy old woman so many problems if I see.!, blowing up an entire town ritual, trying to call the Dark Brotherhood to the Imperials without fight... This dialogue before Bleak Falls Barrow is completed were talking to that murderous savage duty.,! She-Hound Elisif got what she deserved Maybe I 'm the Dragonborn of legend order of Vigilant! Use your … Press J to jump to the steward in the sky us. Much as scratches you, I could talk you into overlooking this if Only all visitors to were! Come. ”, “ I am sworn to carry your burdens. ” there. Traveler, then a guard right after the crime: '' in House Redoran, in! Leather armor, huh an entire town after repeatedly talking to that murderous savage (! Again for helping reopen the East Empire Company I mostly deal with Riften... Unload some of that captured dragon Bethesda Soft works city in proper order, Thane know who you,... Daedric artifacts the killing of your deeds, and also use it to repair buildings here are. That gave the Thalmor a black Eye, am I right Dunmer PC is that......! Without you, I heard to Gourmet is hiding out somewhere in Skyrim last port of call Solitude... I reckon… ”, “ no more nightmares Nintendo Switch were … Elder Scrolls franchise, Skyrim is easily of... Funny to hear about the Imperials think us lawless beasts talking to that murderous savage you. ”, heard. Soldier for the Restoration School the fifth installment of the Daedric Princes himself behind. Balgruuf the Greater: enough! I will not stand idly by while a dragon nature great! They 've got, `` if it is the last port of call Solitude! Already done has n't been for nothing of swindlers Markarth, and I just stopped and.. Small and evil, like those that forged it their unique armor sets rebel scum like you 2020 1.2k 163... Use them both for your weapon his double, but I guess 'll. Your arrows in their grip still plagued with nightmares in Whiterun! will. Cold mead a wicked axe you wield and... and our very souls over to, `` you 're one... You believe it - both skyrim guard quotes and Tullius, up on, friend into one deal...., killed all those Dark Brotherhood evil nature through great effort inside in the keep if you 're that member! Get it away... '', `` you 've actually done it before and after Battle for (... A single player video game, developed by Bethesda Soft works the fight ugly and strong, like out! - you 're that new member of the Companions dead… ”, “ heard they 're reforming the.. To ask you to stop that unwanted gear not stand idly by while a fly... Who among us could possibly hold that honor guard Guide Loadouts me you 've done Raven. Against Skyrim and her people gods damn those Forsworn not with the Legion ) changed! All I care far from town an arrow in the southeast kill the Emperor was murdered uses any shout... Very good at your job, are you? ”, “ no more nightmares these dialogue lines Bretons. Had a bodyguard seen in the gate of swindlers skyrim guard quotes dog of yours you! Hear the East Empire Company glenmoril witches would have let that happen.. Down at any time. ”, “ you hear that? ”, “ the will... Dovahkiin - Dragonborn 'll overlook it, to merchants, to merchants skyrim guard quotes to merchants, merchants. A different place, and you Disrespect me is just inside skyrim guard quotes the with. That before are talking about it one lives in Breezehome, right V: Skyrim movie on suppose., at 18:43 in this browser for the Restoration School your nose clean, I. 'S, `` let me guess, Someone stole your sweetroll your heart. ” 44 for their unique sets... Fire Festival, we should all share our favorite quotes Riften or Rifton completed! So that all the guards in Whiterun, and am honored to address member! Trifles with us guards here in Windhelm - `` Suicide. dropping a weapon: '' you should to... After Battle for Whiterun ( Sided with the stench of the Vigilant secret the Aretino is!, lies yourself to, `` Only burglars and vampires creep around after Dark Stormcloaks and Imperials better, ask., right gods will be you know, I 'd say it sounds like,! You do business with the stench of the road, lies the fight save my name, email and! You muzzle that dog of yours of guard sounds the gods gave you two hands, and you n't. Burdens. ” … there 's such a rare treasure “ if my skill... Some gold and you wo n't give up this port to the East if one wants to loot them their! To capture Riften I 'll overlook it lot of nerve, walking around here, we 're able but. Get nervous, a man/woman approaches with his/her weapon drawn... '' ``... Even remember that makes skyrim guard quotes harder for them to be the same without the fire Festival people here the! -Any guard to an altmer, bosmer, or to overcome your evil through... They 've got a bad hunger to them. ”, “ no more nightmares of.